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Click the question and the answer will display

  • The Home tab highlights new and noteworthy restaurants as well as everyday savings offers for eligible Passport Dining Plus members.
  • The Dine tab includes restaurant listings as well as additional food and beverage discounts for Passport Dining Plus members.
  • The Shop tab includes discounts from retailers and service providers available for Passport Dining Plus members.
  • The Travel tab includes hotels, air travel, vacation packages, rental cars and transportation offers available for Passport Dining Plus members.

By default, your search location is based on your current location (using browser IP address, when available) or the city and state configured in your member profile. The site will show you offers within 25 miles of your location. You can modify this distance by selecting from the options shown in the left sidebar of the list.

To change your location, type a new city and state into the location bar and pick from the options shown. Or, click the “detect my location” option to get results centered on your current location.

The search feature is located in the upper-right portion of each page. Start your search by typing any keyword or phrase. Hints matching your entry(ies) wil be shown as you type including participating locations, categories and popular search keywords. Select one of the hints or use your own terms!

Each high-level category tab (eg: Dine, Shop, Travel) contains subcategories. Navigate to these subcategories by hovering your mouse over a category to expand the navigation. Select a subcategory by clicking on the label.
Each subcategory contains its own unique collection of filters (eg: distance, mealtime, entr√© price, etc…). Use these filters to further refine the results shown.

Use the drop down menu shown in the upper-right portion of the list view to change the sort order of the offers. You can choose from the following sort criteria:
This option uses your search location and sorts the nearest offers at the top of the page.

This option puts the most recently added offers at the top of the page.
This option uses the recommendations of your fellow members to order the offers. The most frequently recommended offers will appear at the top of the page.
This option puts offers which currently featured by Passport at the top of the page.
This option orders the list just like a phone book, from A-Z.

You can switch to use the full-screen map view from any list by clicking the “map view” () link shown in the upper-right portion of any list or just above the map shown on the home page. Use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom the map. Hover over a pin to view the offer details. Drag the map to change your search location. When viewing the map, note that offers which cannot be mapped (eg: online merchants and service providers) are not shown.

Your favorites help provide your fellow members with helpful information regarding popularity of offers available to them. The most frequently-favorited offers in the last 30 days are sorted to the top of the “most favorited” list.

You can favorite an offer by clicking the heart icon () at the bottom of any listing. Once you’ve added a favorite, you can revoke it by returning the offer listing and clicking again on the highlighted heart icon (). Visit the “My Favorites” view for easy access to all of your favorite offers.

Your member profile contains your email address, mailing address, phone number and opt-in email preferences. For your privacy, you must sign in before you may view or update the information in your profile.
Your ideas and input are welcome! To suggest a new business or restaurant, please visit the suggestion page by clicking the “Suggest” link in the footer.

Yes! There is an app available for iOS and Android phones. Visit your phone’s app marketplace (the App Store or Google Play) and search for “Passport Mobile” to find the app.

Once your have found the app in your marketplace, follow the normal app installation steps to download and install the app on your device. Then, sign in using your membership credentials and start finding deals near you!