Brian Pool  

President/ CEO of Pool Associates, Inc.

Brian has over 40 years of marketing experience including retail, wholesale, manufacturing and distribution as well as direct B2C and B2B in the telecommunications and all digital arenas. He has been involved with the DMA (Data and Marketing Association formerly the Direct marketing Association) and is a Certified Sales Trainer. He has owned and operated a real estate investment firm which specialized in working with distressed properties and neighborhoods partnering with current and future property owners to improve market valuation of individual properties as well as the greater geographic footprint of an entire neighborhood increasing property valuation for all homeowners. Respected as a Sales Professional, Real Estate Marketing Consultant, Employee Retention and Rewards Program Specialist, Digital Marketing Consultant and Email Marketing Campaign Strategist. In all endeavors building, maintaining and nurturing relationships has been the key element of success. Helping individuals recognize and develop their own personal strengths coupled with moral and ethical values and a strong personal Code of Conduct has been and will be the driving force of our previous, current and future success. Living a faith-based life learned from reading, studying and following the best instruction manual available for a peaceful, satisfying and fulfilling life, the Bible.